News: Fraud Alert! That's Not Nail Polish

Fraud Alert! That's Not Nail Polish

The latest in nail art skips the laborious DIY process, and allows wearers to apply elaborate patterns in minutes. Nail Fraud is an "instant nail art" product available in 8 different styles. It works like this: remove the adhesive backing of the waterproof applique and apply directly to your fingernail, just like a sticker.

Fraud Alert! That's Not Nail Polish

Nail foils aren't an entirely new concept (see products like Minx), but Nail Fraud skips the heat activation step, required by some of the other products.

Beautopia offers a few application tips:

  • Picking your nail's size is a little more tricky than Minx, or something like Incoco Dry Nail Appliques, because they're stuck on a piece of plasticky paper so you sort of have to guess, as opposed to something like Minx where the backing is cut to the form of the applique itself.
  • Once you have selected your size, apply to the nail starting at the cuticle and smooth it down and across the nail as you work toward the free edge.
  • Fold the excess Nail Fraud over the edge of the nail and use the included (adorable) file to file it off. I start by filing the middle, pulling the excess sticker taut, then adjust the excess to one side, hold it taut then file that side, then repeat on the other.
  • I also use the Shine portion of a 4-way buffer to smooth the sticker down really well. This helps in case you've got a wrinkle or two.
  • When you're ready to take them off, gently and slowly pull the stickers off!

Buy directly from Nail Fraud or Urban Outfitters.

(P.S. If you prefer the old fashioned way, WonderHowTo has 570+ nail art tutorials and growing.)

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I commented too soon on the Dead Fly Lashes. You are the bomb! I love your articles!

You are the bomb! I love Your articles!

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