How To: Create pink, white, and red Valentine's Day nail art

Create pink, white, and red Valentine's Day nail art

Lauren, AKA QueenofBlendingMUA has joined the ranks with the other YouTube beauty gurus. Lauren is a makeup artist with a large collection of eye makeup & nail art video tutorials. Her eye makeup look span from everyday makeup to creative, more expressive party looks. Her nail art/ manicure looks are also lots of fun. Check out this nail art tutorial video to learn how to create pink, white, and red Valentine's Day nail art. Search QueenofBlendingMUA on WonderHowTo for more beauty videos.

The nail polishes used are:
Nina Ultra Pro- Punki Pink
China Glaze- White on White
Savvy- Savv Red
Salon Secret's top coat
Loose white/pink glitter & and all the above polishes are from Sally's Beauty Supply
L.A. Colors Art Deco- Intense Pink, White, and Red

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