How To: Create red, green & black nails for Christmas

Create red, green & black nails for Christmas

Learn to create red, green & black nails for Christmas with this video tutorial. This is a really cute look and it is great for Christmas. You could have a really great outfit to match with your nails.

1. Paint the fake nail red, and after that you will put white polish on a sponge and put it on the bottom part of the nail.
2. Use black paint in a "v" shape connecting on both sides. Next you will make black dots on the right side of the nail.
3. Use white paint and a thin brush and outline it on the black lines.
4. Put white dots on the left side of your nails and then you are done with painting the nails. Next, glue the fake nails to your nails, using nail glue.

This is a cute and simple design for your nails, you will love it. Now all you need to do is find a nice outfit to go with your nails.

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