How To: Do Checkered Gradient Nails

Do Checkered Gradient Nails

This is a very amusing nail design that is actually very easy to create ! The best part is that with this design , you can really keep people guessing as to how you might have created this amazing look !

Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind while creating a look like this one :

  1. Make sure that your white nail polish is completely dry and will not peel off with the tape.
  2. The tape must be put on properly on the nails. There should not be any unstuck portions on the tape , or anything that might cause colors to seep in . This is very important for the design.
  3. Wait for the gradient colors to dry for about 5-10 seconds to dy before removing the tape.

This design can look good on many other combinations , such as :

  1. Black and white
  2. Pink and white
  3. Black and silver
  4. Black and golden
  5. Red and black
  6. Red and orange

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