How To: Do a Polka Dots Nail Art Design

Do a Polka Dots Nail Art Design

Nail Arts are a current new rave among the contemporary fashionistas. Make your nails look highly fashionable and appealing by following this plain and simple steps tutorial. Polka dots Nail Art Design is super cool and looks brilliantly charming on your sleek hands.

Step 1: Apply Orange Base Colour on All Your Nails.

Step 2: Now with Blue Colour Make Small Dots and with Yellow Colour Make Big Dots as Shown.

Step 3: Now Mark the Outline of Each Circle with Black Colour.

Step 4: Paste Two Star Shaped Studs on the Nail.

Step 5: Apply a Transparent Coat on the Nail.

Step 6: Now Repeat the Same on All the Nails for That Final Look.

Your trendy and fashionable Polka dots Nail Art Design is ready and all set to show off. Wonderfully designed, this awesome pattern is highly cool and stylish to make and boast about. So try this out now!

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