How To: Do Sequin Nails

Do Sequin Nails

In this video , I have done a very easy and quick sequin nail manicure !

For this nail art design, you will need :

  1. Base coat
  2. Top coat
  3. Blue nail polish
  4. Green nail polish
  5. Red nail polish
  6. Black nail polish
  7. White nail polish
  8. Sequins for nails
  9. Fanning brush
  10. Tray for collecting the sequins

As you can probably tell , by this video itself, the main trick to doing sequin nails is to ensure that you fan the sequin sheets gently onto the nails, while it is still wet. You can do d this buy putting just a light gentle pressure on the nails, since the nails are still wet.

If you apply the sequins with heavy pressure the nail polish can get all lumpy and form messy globs and that could really create a lot of mess!

Apart from that, there are no other problem areas !

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nail art channel superWOWstyle - YouTube

nail art channel superWOWstyle - YouTube superWOWstyle (read super wow style) is a nail art channel ! That probably explains a lot already ! I am not a professional, and I started doing nail designs...

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