How To: Do Striped Gradient Nails

Do Striped Gradient Nails

This nail design kind of reminds me of sunrise as well as of sunset at the same time! This nail art is not only incredibly stunning, but also so very easy that you would not believe it! I have shared the video link below for you to have a look and decide what you think of this nail polish design in gradient look for yourself!

One of the most amazing things that works for this nail design is the fact that you really do not need to be any kind of a nail art design expert or anything. Just make sure you are comfortable with the sponging technique before you start creating this look .

If you have not tried sponge nail designing before, a good idea probably would be to take a make up sponge and sit down with all the nail polishes you wish to use for this design and see how it works for you. If it does not work too well, try to make the sponge damp and see where it goes from there!

For nail art questions related to this design, other nail art questions, nail art updates, videos and tutorials, etc, you can write to me and watch my youtube channel 'super wow style', or even better just subscribe to me there by clicking on the following link :

nail art channel superWOWstyle - YouTube

nail art channel superWOWstyle - YouTube superWOWstyle (read super wow style) is a nail art channel ! That probably explains a lot already ! I am not a professional, and I started doing nail designs...

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