How To: Do Striped Valentines Day Nail Art Design

Do Striped Valentines Day Nail Art Design

This is a very cute combination of black and white striped with red glitter and red sequins!

The charm of the nail art design lies in its simplicity. The look combines trendy with an old fashioned classical black and white striped look , so it goes really well with lots of your outfits and looks stunningly creating too.

I will not go ahead to claim this design as one that is incredibly simple or something that can be done by complete beginners. Yes you might have trouble doing this design pattern with your non dominant hand too. But with a bit of patience and practice (and maybe some unfortunate mistakes too that are bound to come your way), there is a good chance that you will be able to get this done right !

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nail art channel superWOWstyle - YouTube

nail art channel superWOWstyle - YouTube superWOWstyle (read super wow style) is a nail art channel ! That probably explains a lot already ! I am not a professional, and I started doing nail designs...

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