How To: Do Zip Nail Designs

Do Zip Nail Designs

Here I have used some very smart and easy to use nail art decals to create this lovely zip nail art design !

What I love about this nail art design is how much fun it is to do and how quickly you can create this look, and yet, how it always gives the look of having done some extraordinary artwork with a paintbrush or something on your nails !

As you can probably see in this video, I have used a shiny and soft shimmer blue nail polish to get the regular denim look. Of course, it goes without saying, you can use any other nail polish shade for your background - the best option would obviously being the denim shade you are wearing on the day you wish to flaunt this design !

Other nail art products and tools you would want to keep handy for this design are :

  1. Zip Nail Art Decals. ( I got mine from the bornprettystore website. You can use a 10% site wide off with this coupon code- SWSK31!!!!).
  2. Top coat and Base coat.
  3. Scissors and tweezer.
  4. Bowl of water.
  5. Cotton/soft cotton cloth.

For more nail art updates, nail art designs , or for all kinds of nail art questions, you can check out my youtube nail art channel

nail art channel superWOWstyle - YouTube

nail art channel superWOWstyle - YouTube superWOWstyle (read super wow style) is a nail art channel ! That probably explains a lot already ! I am not a professional, and I started doing nail designs...

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