How To: Give yourself tiger nails

Give yourself tiger nails

If you want to get tiger style nails first you need to paint a clear base coat on your nails. Now, you should take a vinyl shine nail polish that is a gold-ish color and pant this on each nail as a single coat. You should try to get a nail polish that dries fast - so let this coat dry. Now, get an orange nail polish and dot this color on your nails in random spots. You do not have to do this in any particular design. Now let this dry. Next, with a black Art Deco nail polish, paint and draw thin designs across your nails. These designs should look like tiger stripes coming from each side of your nail. You can follow a pattern or improvise! Animal print is easy to make on your own. Continue to do this to all of your nails. Let this coat of black dry. Now you can put a base coat on top of this and let dry! Now you have awesome tiger print nails!

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