HowTo: Laser Etch Your Fingernails

Laser Etch Your Fingernails

Instructables user lamedust expresses his odd fascination with facial hair through laser etched fingernail portraiture. 

HowTo: Laser Etch Your Fingernails

Above, from left to right, all icons chosen for their mustaches and beards: Chaplin, Dali, Zappa, Nietzsche, President Garfield, Fidel Castro, ZZ-Top, and Frederick Douglass.

Lamedust demonstrates below; click through for full instructions. Warning: "One method involves pain and the potential for scarification, while the other pleasure (or mostly the absence of pain)."

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Kool i guess. . . . Ok its stoopid.

THAT'S INCREDIBLE! Where can I use a laser printer like that?!

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