How to Paint beach nails: light pink with white

light pink with white

This video shows the secret of painting beach nails and light pink color with white nail. First apply the base coat, then a light purple color on it and let it dry. Now use white color and make some design by drawing small stripes criss-cross as shown. Use a glitter polish and apply it in the space between the lines. For the beach nails apply pink color polish to the bottom half of the nail. Now make a thick horizontal stripe next to the pink color using a dark blue color polish. Use a black polish to make a small curve on one end below the stripe as shown. Now use a very light brown color polish and apply it to rest of the area of the nail. Finally use white color to make some clouds and black for the tree and let it dry. Follow the above steps and try to paint your own beach nails and another nail using pink color with white.

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