How To: Paint a musical note design on your nails

Paint a musical note design on your nails

In order to paint musical notes on your nails, you will need the following: a base coat, a matte polish, topcoat, and a colored polish. Apply a base coat to your clean and dry manicured nails. Allow it to dry. This will make your nails smooth and even. It will also protect your nails from the chemicals in the colored polish. Apply two coats of the nail color that you choose. Allow it to dry. For one version, draw five lines on your nail. Allow it to dry for a few seconds. Then, draw on eighth notes. Another version allows you to just have free-floating notes. For those, just draw them on, without the lines. You can do a variety or choose a single design. Allow it to dry. Then, apply a topcoat. Allow it to dry.

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