How To: Paint your nails with a white and silver art design

Paint your nails with a white and silver art design

The process of painting your fingernails, with a French manicure with silver accents, is a multi-stepped process. Before you begin, put a hydrating base-coat on your bare nail, and let it dry. Then take white nail art polish, and draw three parallel diagonal lines across the nail, starting from the top of the nail (where the white meets the skin" to the bottom. Once you have completed the three lines, take white nail polish and create a French manicure, filling in the nail from the skin line to the top nail, and from the tip of the nail to the third line. This will leave you with two bare lines in your nail. Take your silver nail art polish and fill the bare lines in with the color completely. Then fill in the "smile line", or where the skin meets the white, by tracing it with the silver nail art polish. Put a clear coating over the white closest to the "smile line", and then place three rhinestones onto the nail. Let the rhinestones dry onto the nail, and then apply your top coat and let dry again.

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