How To: Remove acrylic nails on your own

Remove acrylic nails on your own

TVfXQs2Cassiopeia shows you have to remove your acrylic nails at home. You'll need to by a bottle/ container of acetone, which is fairly cheap (~$5) and can be bought at drug stores. Acetone looks like water, and is usually beneath the sponge that comes in the container (it may smell a bit). Dip each nail in the solution and the nail polish comes off almost immediately. To get the acrylic off, which may be a little harder, rest your nails in the acetone for a few minutes. They should get thin and sticky. Follow the instructions on the bottle and wash your hands. Dip it in the acetone some more if needed, and once it gets very thin, you can get it off with a nail filer, or just let the acetone take it all off. If you follow the directions in this video the way that
TVfXQs2Cassiopeia does, she believes you'll be able to remove those stubborn acrylic nails that have grown out in the comfort of your home.

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