How To: Remove fake nails with acetone

Remove fake nails with acetone

Joyce teaches viewers how to remove fake nails by using acetone. First, you should get acetone solution and submerge your nails into the solution for a few minutes and the nails will come off by themselves. For fake nails, you can apply nail polish remover and the nails will easy pull off. You can also just wait for your nails to grow and the fake nails will naturally fall and you can just easily pull them off. You can also get a cutter and slip this in between your fake nail and real nail and try to slide your cutter in and upwards. You have to be careful so you do not end up cutting yourself or your own nail! You should be cutting the glue, so if this hurts, stop cutting because you must be slipping your own nail. Do this on both sides of the nail and then you should be able to lift the sides off. Continue to slowly glide in with the cutter and upwards. Never start from the tip and go down! You may end up cutting your nails. Always start from the bottom and go up. Do not rush - this is a slow process!

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