How To: Repair broken fingernails

Repair broken fingernails

Learn how to repair broken fingernails! You will need to purchase an instant nail repair kit. It should come with polish remover, nail tape, nail glue, and clear polish. First place a little bit of glue right where the slit is. Press the nail together so that it seals. Once it has dried a little, place the clear tape over the break. Next you will place a clear polish on top of the nail tape. Clean up the polish around the sides. Now your nails are ready to be polished in any color that you like. Another way to repair your nail would be to open up a tea bag, cut some of the gauze from the tea bag to the size you want, then apply it between two coats of clear polish. (Apply one coat of clear polish, place the gauze on your nail, then apply the other coat of clear polish). You also might want to apply some nail glue under this for extra hold. Then your nails are ready to be polished!

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