How To: Create glitter & rhinestone nails

Create glitter & rhinestone nails

This video shows some you how to get nails with designs using glitter and rhinestone.

• Nails are painted with different colors, glitters & stones.
• The video shows us 11 nail design. They are as follow:-
1. Red lines and dots with golden glitter on white background.
2. Squares of different shapes outlined in black and filled with red, yellow & golden colors
3. Black and white curved lines with purple glitter.
4. Purple, Silver stones and dots on royal blue background.
5. Black stones and green, white curvy lines on pink background.
6. Next one is covered completely with only green glitter.
7. multicolored flower surrounded with dots on white background.
8. the top part of the nail has some blue design with stones and the background is cream.
9. Silver stone, sequence, red and silver glitter on fluorescent pink background.
10. Red stones arrange like flower on silver sequence background.
11. Pink, blue, yellow stones with silver, green sequence background.

Happy painting!

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