How To: Paint your nails with a pink and blue art design

Paint your nails with a pink and blue art design

This video tutorial shows you how to paint an interesting design on your nails using pink, white, and blue polish. Begin with a base color. Pink polish is used here. Next do a side swipe using blue. This swipe starts about halfway down the nail and comes up to the top of the nail. Then add a little blue shimmer to the blue polish. Next use white polish with a thin brush to outline the blue. This line can be a little thicker. Then add a shimmery dark blue line next to the white line. Now place a glob of white nail polish on your paper. Using the thin point of your nail dotter, create a simple five dot flower by picking up a small amount of the white polish and putting it on the bottom corner pink section of the nail. Continue to use your nail dotter and place three small dots in a curved line starting above and below your flower. This creates a C look. Next place a light blue rhinestone in the center of the flower. Fix the rhinestone using clear nail polish. Then take three dark blue rhinestones along the upper section of the dark blue glitter line using clear polish again. Next, using the same technique, three place pink rhinestones in the white stripe. This creates a colorful design.

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