How To: Paint your nails with a summer rainbow stripe design

Paint your nails with a summer rainbow stripe design

This video on nail art shows how to paint your nails with a summer rainbow stripe design. The nail colors needed for this design are yellow, orange and pink, a glittery color, a transparent clear polish and a black thin nail polish. The first step is to color only the bottom of the bare nail with yellow, here neon colors are used. Next the middle portion with orange and the tip with the pink color. Quick drying polishes can be applied one after the other or else the colors are applied after drying. Then a second coating of the same colors as before is applied. After drying, a coat of glittery nail polish is applied generously to the entire nail for the shimmery look. After that a coat of quick dry clear polish is applied to have a smooth surface for drawing lines. Once dried using thin nail polish three lines are drawn side ways on the pink portion of the nail. Next three more lines are drawn from the bottom, cross wards, connecting the lines drawn earlier. This finishes nail art that has a dramatic look.

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