How To: Paint little dotted flowers on your nails

Paint little dotted flowers on your nails

In this video, Tsigarulez shows you how to paint dotted flowers on your nails in these few simple steps.

1. Paint your nails with transparent nail paint.
2. Use something to take some black nail paint out and, with the help of a pointed edged object, put small dots on your nail in the shape of a flower. Make one flower at the bottom of the nail and the other flower at the top of the nail.
3. Take white color nail paint and pour out some of it in a utensil. With the help of the same pointed needle or object, put small dots in the form of a flower in the middle of each nail.
4. Finally, take dark brown nail paint and paint a dot in the middle of each flower.

If you follow these simple steps, you will then be able to paint floral patterns on your nails and make them look beautiful and trendy.

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