How To: Paint your nails in a pink and orange art design

Paint your nails in a pink and orange art design

This video is a demonstration of how to do an interesting artistic design on your nails with dark orange, pink, yellow and white, which can be done in different colors if you like. First apply neon pink to the end of the nail in a diagonal pattern. Quickly, while the pink is still wet, add some white dots and use a toothpick to marble the white by swirling it into the pink. Next use orange, overlapping the pink a little, and dot some white into the orange while it's wet to create a swirled marbled design. Fill in the remaining area with yellow, dots with white, and marbles with the toothpick. Next use nail art polish with a thin brush and draw lines to divide the pink, orange and yellow areas. Then she uses white polish and a nail dotter to apply dots onto the lines, and then pink polish with the nail dotter to put tiny pink dots on top of the white dots, and repeats with another white dot on top of the pink. When the design is finished, she applies a shimmer over the whole nail. This is a very fancy looking design that you can do by following the steps on this video.

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