How To: Paint nails in a black, pink, and white art design

Paint nails in a black, pink, and white art design

this short video shows how to paint nails in a black, pink, and white art design. The steps are simple and easy to follow. The first thing to be done is a regular black, French tip manicure. Once the black French manicure is completely dry, a pink thin tip nail polish is taken. From the middle of the nail , on the black tip, draw a V mark facing sideward on both sides. The next step is to fill the two "V"s, inside with the pink color. Once dried, with the white thin tipped nail polish, a line is drawn starting from the side, a little above where the black tip begins, towards the middle and the same way on the other side and it looks like a big V. Then starting from the middle of the French tip manicure two lines are drawn up, towards the side crossing the V on both sides and this completes this nail art and one can try it with different colors.

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wow i like it! great job explaining!!

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