How To: Paint nails with a colorful, swirl and dot combination

Paint nails with a colorful, swirl and dot combination

Love4Nails demonstrates a nail design consisting of black and white swirls and dots on a red background. She has already applied a base coat and two coats of red polish. The first step in making the design is the white swirl on the tip. Using the pointed end of a nail dotter, she dips it in the white polish and draws the outline of the swirl, and then fills it in. Next she does the black swirl at the bottom in the same manner. Next come the three small black dots near the white swirl. Then with the larger end of the nail dotter she does the bigger black dots around the white swirl, then the white dots around the black swirl. To add some shimmer she uses a gold glitter polish to trace the outlines of the swirls. This is time consuming but the result is beautiful.

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