How To: Get colorful spotted nails for summer

Get colorful spotted nails for summer

YouTube nail maven MayParis shows you how to create simple, stunning nails perfect for summer. Bright colors and glitter make these nails really pop!


1. Topcoat nail polish
2. Multiple colors of nail polish

• Apply a single coat of topcoat and let dry
• When topcoat is dry, take your first color and create drops of nail polish in a polka-dot pattern. Do this by using only the tip of your brush to apply polish.
• Repeat with all other colors of polish, filling in the open places on the nail. Don't be afraid to overlap colors and have one with it.
• Once you have covered the nail with dots and are satisfied, let the dots dry.
• If you wish, you can apply a coat of clear, glittery polish to add some pizzaz!
• To complete your nails, apply the topcoat. Let dry and enjoy!

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