How To: Paint your nails with a stained glass art design

Paint your nails with a stained glass art design

This video teaches you how to achieve an eye catching stained glass nail art effect without attending a nail salon. To achieve the striking effect, one needs between 4-7 nail polish colors, and a fine lined nail art nail polish in black. Beginning with the base color, one applies the desired outlines for the "panes" using the nail art brush. Once that is dry and you are satisfied with the outlines, you can begin applying your desired colors to the "panes" achieving the effect of pieces of stained glass. Should you accidentally color over your black lines, no problem! Simply go over the lines again with the nail art brush and away you go. From plain nails to strikingly flamboyant in minutes. The finished product is limited only by ones imagination and the number of nail polish colors at your disposal.

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