How To: Create a glittery blue and purple acrylic nails

Create a glittery blue and purple acrylic nails

Jennisse Makeup teaches how to create beautiful nail art using blue and purple glitter nail polish. She begins by prepping her nails by buffing them for shine and pushing back her cuticles. Jannisse then adds nail tips to her natural nails. Trim the tips with a nail clipper and file them down. Use a non-acid primer by the cuticle. Use purple, ocean blue, silver, and pink glitter. Using a brush begin at the "smile" of the nail going side to side. Feather it down. Take some liquid (primer) create the smile. Next, use the ocean blue, going from side to side. Next take the purple glitter and finally the pink. Use clear acrylic powder and place a thin coat on the nail so it will stick. You can also add stars randomly on the nail. You have now created a quick and beautiful set of nails using nail art.

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