How To: Remove soak off gel fingernails

Remove soak off gel fingernails

In order to soak off your gel fingernails, you will need to the following supplies: nail files or emery boards, cotton swabs, acetone, aluminum foil, cuticle stick, and cuticle oil.

To begin taking off your gel fingernails, begin scraping them with a nail file. This will allow the solutions to soak in better. Coat cotton swabs with acetone. Place the cotton swabs on the nail bed. Wrap the nails in aluminum foil. Wrap them tightly enough to prevent leakage. Allow the acetone to soak in for 15-20 minutes.

Use the cuticle stick to peel the gel nail off. Massage in cuticle oil.

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try RAINNAIL gel remover jelly , no need to finger in the remover

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